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Itinerant Story is a first person parkour platforming game for PC that features large procedurally generated levels, and fast paced action.

It features movement mechanics reminiscent of Mirror's Edge, but with procedural levels more reminiscent of "roguelike" games like Spelunky or Super House of Dead Ninjas.

It's very early in development, so the current stuff isn't representative of the polish and amount of content that the final game will have, but the game's only been in development for 2 and a half months. Carl Maxwell is developing the game entirely on his own, except for contracting out the music.

The developer is currently planning the final game to include over a dozen platforming challenges and over a dozen threats in the first few levels, to allow for more variety between playthroughs. Current planning is for the game to have a total of 9 levels, split into several different "regions."

It is being developed in Unreal 4, and it's only targeting a windows release, though the developer hopes to add support for Linux/Mac, and the Occulus Rift, in future.


Work began on Itinerant Story around the first of September, 2014.


  • First person parkour platforming - Run, jump, wallrun, ledge vault, and crouch passed platforming challenges and threats, including turrets, death grids, falling platforms, rainbow logs, buildings, portcullis traps, pyramids, and spikes.
  • Two large levels, currently the game's levels are 0.5 km wide and 1.5 km long. These levels are so large they almost have an 'open world' feel to them, though the game is not open world, and the levels all have one very clear goal: follow the Zero Road.
  • Beautiful ambient music.
  • Fast pace, the character can run up to 30 meters a second (that's almost 70 miles an hour.)


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About Carl Maxwell


I was introduced to the concept of game development over a decade ago through the program Klik and Play. From there I learned Blitz Basic 3D and then eventually learned about C++ at a community college, mostly studying game development. While in college I was hired by a local company to do backend web development in PHP for 2 years, which gave me invaluable insight into development schedules, workloads, using todo-lists, etc.

Using the savings from that job I've spent the last couple months developing Itinerant Story. (Development started around the beginning of September 2014.)

Itinerant Story Credits

Carl Maxwell

Joseph Elliot

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